Product Information

Nationalize Your Noggin

USA headband 

headbanddetail copy

$17.00 USD + shipping ($3.00)

  • Hand made from 100% acrylic yarn.
  • Available in 3 sizes: (~20in or 6-3/4 hat size); (~22in or 7-1/8 hat size); (~23in or 7-1/2 hat size). * children’s sizing upon request
  • Machine wash and dry; cool water and gentle/delicate cycle recommended. **color may transfer**
  • Number sizes are approximate; Headbands may stretch over time.

One thought on “Product Information

  1. Dear Erin, Just wanted to let you know that I will be order a few of your headbands as soon as they become available. I will keep checking on the site or just add me to the list for three medium ones. I went to the TeamUSA website intending to purchase a few pair of the “Go USA” mittens seen advertised everyplace only to find that all of the merchandise on that site appears to be “imported”. So disappointed that an organization encouraging the public to support our USA athletes cannot find it possible to have these products made in the USA. I will not be purchasing any products directly from that source. I was recently having my hair done at Triple Effects and Becky graciously shared your story and website. I will order as soon as possible. Great job and a great idea! Anyone knit there? If so I have a great pattern for a knitted headband you can have. Just let me know or tell Becky next time you see her.

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